Romney attacks President in campaign speech

Anthony White

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spent the majority of his speech Friday night at Cleveland State University’s Cole Center attacking President Barack Obama’s spending and military procedures.

Romney was introduced with his wife Ann by Ohio congressman, Jim Renacci. He spoke to the crowd of 400 for about 25 minutes, criticizing the president’s decision making.

“We have a President that is out of ideas, out of excuses and in 2012, we’re going to get him out of office,” said Romney.

Romney also told stories of American innovation of Americans he has met while on the campaign trail. He spoke of a woman who blossomed a business by using creative techniques with carrots.

“These stories of American innovation are what makes us and what makes America such a strong economy,” said Romney.

Harold Linden, who attended the rally, said he was glad to hear that Romney takes time to speak with the American people and get to know them.

“I just hope he continues to do this if he wins the presidency,” Linden said.

Romney quickly returned to his attack on the president, telling how he believes he will kill American jobs by taxing private sectors. He also accused the president of spending incoherently and said he would turn this around.

“If I am elected president, I will slow down government spending and its growth,” Romney said. “I will finally get this budget balanced.”

Romney then spoke of his initiative to bring the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to the U.S. The Keystone Pipeline is a pipeline system to transport crude oil from the Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada to multiple destinations in the United States. President Obama recently rejected the plan to initiate the pipeline because he felt that there wasn’t enough time to evaluate its impact.

“Has Obama looked at the gas prices lately, why wouldn’t he want to authorize the Keystone deal,” said rally attendee, Mark Ferris.

Health care and the military were the topics of Romney’s next attacks. He said he wants to repeal Obamacare and also would like to enhance the military.

“Our troops oversees are being stretched to the brink right now,” said Romney. “I will bring 100,000 more troops overseas. A superior military is our strongest alley of peace that has ever been known.”

Trade was the next issue Romney discussed. He feels that China is cheating America and is stealing America’s intellectual designs and property. He said he wants to label China a currency manipulator and put tariffs on the nation. He believes China is killing jobs in Ohio and in America.

After speaking about fixing the economy, he turned to American history. He said his policies reflect many of those of America’s founding fathers.

“I believe in the principles on which this nation was founded,” Romney said. “It’s in our DNA. The creator endowed us with our rights, not the government. It’s the people’s pursuit that makes us the hope of the Earth.”

Romney closed his speech by expressing his wholeheartedness to represent the American people. He wants the American people to believe in him and his ideals.

“If I am elected, I will bring truth and integrity to Washington,” said Romney. “I won’t embarrass you in the White House. I need your help, get out and vote and bring people you know with you. You guys are the best, thank you.”

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