TV2: Unnecessary concerns about the possible dangers of recent solar flares

Kaitlynn LeBeau

KentWired Video

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There is a growing concern about these not-so-welcome solar flares.

The biggest solar storm in five years is projected to cause problems here on Earth.

However, recent updates show there may not be much to fear.

Solar flares, or intense bursts of radiation that come from the release of energy by the Sun, arrived early this morning but have not caused any known damage.

The Earth has a magnetic field to protect us from these potentially dangerous solar flares. Luckily, storms like this are more common than they’re made out to be, and this one in particular is weaker than experts expected.

NASA says the storm could disrupt radio communication, GPS systems and power grids.

Although Physics Professor John Secaur believes a powerful enough storm could affect technology, he says at our latitude it isn’t likely.

Despite the chaos surrounding the actions of the sun, right now there isn’t much to worry about.

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