TV2: New Executive Director of USG talks plans

Anthony Ezzo

KentWired Video

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Now that Evan Gildenblatt has officially been named USG Executive Director-Elect, it’s time to get down to business, part of which he said entails sitting down with the rest of USG and working together.

“I’d like to sit down with the rest of the elected USG officials and go over the things that need to be done for this coming year,” Gildenblatt said. “We don’t officially take office until April, but I’d like to officially get started on mapping out plans, goals, etcetera. Another big piece of it is going over the applications for the appointed memberships. There are six of those. And I work in collaboration with Kevin Papp, the current executive director.”

And as for how the new director feels about what the transition will be like from taking over the responsibilities from Papp.

“Kevin and I are on the same page on many issues,” Gildenblatt said. “We’ve worked very closely together this year. He’s given me a unique perspective on how and what it’s like to be executive director and what he has done. That being said, we do have different styles on leadership, I would say. I think the biggest thing really would be the way… We work very differently with other people.”

When it comes to goals and other things planned, Gildenblatt said a main thing he hopes to accomplish is to increase political literacy among students.

“There are so many students who feel there’s no place for them in a political landscape,” Gildenblatt said, “And I disagree with that part of it. I think we all have a place. We all should have an opportunity to stand up for what we believe.”

But aside from goals and other things, Gildenblatt definitely knows how he feels about taking on this new responsibility.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be able to do this,” Gildenblatt said.

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