USG elections: Gildenblatt beats Hadzovic


Gildenblatt. Photo by Matt Unger.

Sade Hale

Evan Gildenblatt was elected as the new Undergraduate Student Government executive director in a landslide vote Tuesday.

Gildenblatt currently serves as the director of governmental affairs. Gildenblatt beat Isaac Hadzovic by a vote of 1155 to 594.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to continue representing the students of Kent State University,” Gildenblatt said. “The amount of support that my campaign received is humbling, and it means so much to have the backing of so many people, I’m enthusiastically awaiting my transition into the executive directorship so that I can continue my work as a student advocate. This election is just the beginning, and I’m very much looking forward to enriching the KSU experience for everyone.”

Elizabeth Holton is now the new USG director of programming. Holton defeated Jeffrey Hammond by a vote of 801 to 787. Hammond was the incumbent as the director of programming.

“I’m excited. I worked really hard. I have a lot of great ideas, and I’m ready to start making great improvements,” Holton said. “I’m looking forward to working on the communication between the programming board and student population.”

In a contested race, Erik Clarke was elected as the new USG director of business and finance. Clarke competed against Brittany Neal and Samantha Cordial. Clarke defeated Neal by a vote of 626 to 511. The number of votes Cordial received has not been announced.

“It feels good. I’m excited to serve the student body and keep allocations accessible and accountable,” Clarke said. “I’m looking forward to working with USG and helping students make sure USG does some good on this campus.”

Benjamin Jordan beat Kelly Swope for the position of USG director of community affairs. Jordan was elected by a vote of 853 to 606.

James King, Amish Patel, David Sadvari, Breanne Yonkof and Hanna Wiese all ran unopposed.

Patel, who currently serves as the director of communications, is now the director of student involvement.

Sadvari, who is the current USG College of Communication and Information senator, is now the director of communications.

King was voted as the director of governmental affairs, and Yonkof was voted as the director of academic affairs.

Wiese, the newly elected director of student advancement, said she is ready to get to work for the students of Kent State.

“I could not be more flattered to have been given the opportunity to serve in this position. Being voted into a director position is such an honor,” Wiese said. “I absolutely cannot wait for my term to begin.”

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