9Fest presale tickets available from Campus Shift

Lyndsey Sager

How to get tickets

To pre-order tickets, go to http://9fest.eventbrite.com/?discount=campusshift.

Starting at noon Friday, a second round of 9Fest presale tickets will be available for $25 from CampusShift.com.

9Fest is an 18-and-over music festival May 19 in Athens, Ohio with an expected attendance of 15,000 people. Those 21-and-over will be permitted to bring their own alcohol.

The recently released lineup for the 12-hour concert includes 12th Planet, Chip tha Ripper, Timeflies, Telephoned and iPhonic, among others. The complete lineup, which contains mostly hip-hop, alternative and dubstep artists, is available on the 9Fest website, 9festohio.com.

“I’m really excited to hear Chip Da Rip,” said sophomore nutrition major Laura Hale. “It will be especially cool in a different setting than a regular concert.”

Chris Haynes, Campus Shift co-owner and Kent State entrepreneurship junior, said up to 2,500 presale tickets will be available through April 1. He said the first 500 students to purchase a ticket will receive a free 9Fest/Campus Shift koozie.

Zac Sebo, Campus Shift co-owner, said the $25 presale ticket is $5 off the regular sale price. In addition, tickets will be $40 at the door.

To purchase tickets, Sebo said students must sign in to their Campus Shift account or use the ticket sales website eventbrite.com.

Campus Shift is a company that allows students to search for the best prices on textbooks or swap books with other students. The site also features a community page with deals similar to Groupon.com, but targeted at students. The 9Fest presale tickets will be available on that page.

Derek Haake, Campus Shift CEO and co-owner, said the goal of Campus Deals is to connect with businesses in college towns that want to attract students. He said students will be able to go online, find deals and print them out or have them sent to their phone via text message.

“We want students to swap their textbooks in a safe, secure location – a public business where they can structure their exchange,” Haake said. “One way we wanted to do that is that we want businesses to be able to offer students a good deal. Not just a coupon, but something to really save money.”

Last month, Campus Shift sold 1,000 presale tickets for $20, half-off the at-the-door price, before the lineup was released. The first 500 tickets purchased came with access to the Campus Shift VIP tent and meet-and-greet passes with the artists.

The 1,000 tickets sold out in three hours and 45 minutes, Haake said.

“I’m really excited to go to 9Fest this year,” said Hannah Cottrill, a Kent State sophomore managerial marketing major. “8Fest was definitely one of my favorite memories from last year. The whole atmosphere there is exciting.”

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