TV2: Students foot increasingly expensive bill for college education

Doug Rogers

KentWired Video

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The cost of education at Kent State continues to rise after the Board of Trustees approved the maximum possible tuition increase Tuesday.

That means students and their families might have emptier pockets come fall.

It, also, approved changes to other course and student fees.

Undergraduate students at the Kent campus can expect to hand over an extra $326 for the full academic year.

Kent State President Lester Lefton says the additional revenue helps the university explore new opportunities, such as online classes.

“It’s part of the cost of doing business,” Lefton says. “You have to invest, not to necessarily make money, but you have to invest in what they want.”

A standard, double-room with a full meal plan will increase to $346 for both semesters.

Starting this upcoming year, students will pay a fee for each credit-hour above 17 credits. In fall 2013, each additional credit hour above 16 will be charged.

Lefton says the fee makes the cost of tuition more equal among different students.

“Think about it,” Lefton says. “The student who is taking 20 hours pays the same thing as a student who’s taking 11 hours. So, the 11 hour student is paying to subsidize the 20 hour student.”

He says only ten percent of students take more than 17 credit hours.

The Board did not make any changes to the fees individual colleges charge each student.

However, students who transfer to the Kent campus will now pay a $35 fee.

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