New opportunity for students to experience Germany

Rebecca Reis

Kent State students now have the opportunity to take a class and travel abroad to experience the landmarks and culture of Germany.

Mark Cassell and Richard Steigmann-Gall will be teaching “Study Abroad Modern Germany: Politics, History and Culture” from May 16 to June 3 to show students some of the most important places in German history.

“Germany is arguably the most fascinating country in modern history as well as current affairs,” Steigmann-Gall said. “It’s a country of great enlightenment as well as one that’s obviously been responsible for a great deal of violence. That kind of drama is hard to find in just about any other country.”

Students will visit the cities of Weimar, Dresden, Frankfurt and Berlin and meet with a member of parliament to discuss German’s current political affairs. Other stops on the trip include the European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Opera House, a concentration camp and many museums.

The price will be confirmed once the number of students is finalized, but Steigmann-Gall said the price will be no more than $3500, which will include airfare, transportation, hotels and admission prices for tours and museums. The more students that sign up for the trip, the less money students will have to pay.

Caitlin McGrew, senior integrated social studies major, is attending the trip for experience as well as course credit. She said she hopes that when she becomes a history teacher she will be able to share this experience with her students.

“The experience and the trip will kind of bring what I will teach to life,” McGrew said, “and I will have real life experiences to share with my students so I feel like that’s a very important aspect of the trip and my motivation for going.”

McGrew also said that she is excited for the opportunities she wouldn’t have had if she went on her own like meeting the parliamentarian and going to the European Central Bank.

“I’m just really excited to go there and get to embrace the culture and try some German beer, try some German food and just really experience the culture first hand,” McGrew said.

Students who wish to attend can email Cassell at [email protected].

Steigmann-Gall said the students will learn not only about the history of the country, but also it’s place in current affairs.

“The way it’s been returned to its former splendor is really quite something,” Steigmann-Gall said, “Its a testament to how the Germans worked through their past by acknowledging what happened but also wanting to move on from that past.“

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