TV2: Clinical counselor analyzes Chardon shooter

Anthony Ezzo

KentWired Video

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It was Monday morning when T.J. Lane entered Chardon High School with a gun and shot five students, taking the lives of three. A community was and is heartbroken and the question remains: Why would Lane do something like this?

Cari Orris, a professional clinical counselor, said we don’t know the exact answer, but there are many possibilities.

“One of the thoughts that goes through my mind is did he act in some way because the logical part of his brain is not developed as much? I, also, think he might have a low frustration tolerance or low impulse control that something happens, and he decides to take a gun and do something,” Orris said.

And if those reasons are too hard to comprehend, Orris said that’s perfectly normal.

“I think one of the challenges is for people who are mentally healthy,” Orris said. “We have a really hard time understanding people who aren’t, and we use our criteria to understand them, and we really can’t.”

It has recently been learned that Lane chose his victims at random, something that Orris believes might also be hard for us to understand.

“To say why does someone pick someone at random. If you’re mentally healthy, you don’t do that kind of thing. You don’t think that kind of way. So, we really have a hard time understanding what is the logic of someone who is illogical. We are living in a time of a great deal of science where we understand how the brain operates. There’s a certain part of our biology that gives us empathy, and some people have more empathy and some people have very little. And some people are going to become very violent because they really just don’t have feelings towards other people at all,” Orris said.

Chardon students will return to school Friday.

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