Opinion: International movies to get your mind off of V-Day

Melissa Schwachenwald

Melissa Schwachenwald

Melissa Schwachenwald is a senior fine arts major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].

Instead of yelling “love is dead” at the bar this upcoming Valentine’s Day, I plan on attending the first International Film Society’s showing of “Chunhyang.” The film originates in South Korea and is an epic tale of love.

Don’t worry you cynics; it’s not a typical sappy romance. I recommend watching the trailer of “Chunhyang” prior to going to the movie; there will also be English subtitles.

All of you love birds should switch up the usual game and watch a movie that isn’t playing at the University Plaza Theater or on Netflix. If you aren’t in love or whatever then come anyway.

The films are showing at the Kiva on campus by the Student Center. Movies from countries such as Spain, Iran, Russia, Portugal and others will be playing February through April. Each show starts at 8 p.m. and attracts a large crowd.

The International Film Society started in 2008; this year William Graves is the president and helps select the films, promote the group and organize viewings. Snacks are welcome and it’s free!

Other films that will be showing are “Gomorrah” from Spain (Feb. 21) which is about crime in Italy; “The Willow Tree” from Iran (Feb. 28) tells a story of a man diagnosed with a fatal disease; “Tycoon” from Russia (March 6) depicts university students in the capitalist movement; “City of God” from Portugal (March 27) discusses two boys in a violent Rio de Janeiro neighborhood; the Japanese movie “Akira” portrays a secret military project; another Japanese movie titled “After Life” (April 3) gives insight to memories and eternity; “The Son” is a film from France showing on April 9 detailing a teen in rehab; and finally the Armenian movie “Vodka Lemon” (April 23) is about two people that have lost their spouses.

That may have been the longest run-on paragraph ever, but I promise the films will be interesting and a great idea for a free date with friends and lovers.