Ice carving exhibit, snowstorm hit Kent Saturday

Meghan Bogardus

A winter wonderland would be a more than accurate description of downtown Kent Saturday, Feb. 11. The 8th annual ice carving exhibition in Home Savings Plaza, “Make Mine With Ice,” was accompanied by a snowstorm that left white out conditions and inches of snow.

“It’s definitely been colder out, but never this snowy,” said John Goehler, an ice carver and senior associate director with dining services at Kent State.

Goehler and other carvers from Kent State and the University of Akron were able to work slowly on blocks of ice that were far from melting in the below freezing temperatures.

Jeff Ingram, the executive director of Standing Rock Cultural Arts, which holds the annual event, said the temperatures would likely keep the sculptures standing for a few days, but would probably keep away crowds.

“The ice enjoys it, but people will probably stay in,” he said.

Cary James, the owner of Stahl’s Bakery had set up a table to sell cookies, which she dusted off constantly as the snow came down.

Those who were out Saturday afternoon stopped to watch the carving like Kent residents Jamie Floyd and Daniel Turner, who read about the event online. They said weren’t sure how long they’d want to stay outside.

“We’ll probably get a coffee and come back and see the finished product,” Turner said.

The carvers worked until about 4 p.m. on seven blocks of ice. The final creations will remain in Home Savings Plaza until they melt.

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