Kent resident tired of being underwater

Anthony White

One of the recent issues facing ward one in Kent has been continuous flooding.

Verona Avenue resident Miles Damron has been facing flooding problems since he bought the home in 2002.

“It’s been an ongoing issue; we don’t look forward to the rain or snow,” said Damron.

Garret Ferrara, ward one councilman, is aware of the issue and is working to try and alleviate the problem.

“I’ve been in contact with Mr. Damron and the service department,” Ferrara said. “We need to set a date to get together and negotiate a solution.”

“We need to look at all the viewpoints and see who is right to try and reach a mutual agreement,” he said.

Damron claims Ferrara and the city haven’t done much to address the issue. He says the issue is that the drain around his home is only two feet deep.

“It only takes about eight inches of rain to collect before it begins to flood out into Allen Drive. This is becoming a regular occurrence,” he said.

Damron said that he has spent $80,000 in repairs from damages throughout previous floods while he’s lived at his home.

“We don’t plan on leaving the home. If we left, we would be giving up everything,” Damron said. “Plus, we’re stuck in an FHA loan with the government that lasts 30 years.”

An FHA insured loan is a Federal Housing Administration insurance mortgage loan, which is given by an FHA approved lender. It’s usually given to help Americans afford homes that may be out of their price range.

Ferrara says that the city is working on a master plan that deals with storm water drainage issues.

“We need to see where we can drain out the water and move it west of Mr. Damron’s property. The Stanton Middle School pond is an idea but it wouldn’t be pretty,” Ferrara added.

When asked if the city owes Damron anything, Ferrara said unless an investigation shows that the city did something wrong, it doesn’t plan on assisting.

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