Harris heading to Cleveland, continuing Dems’ push into Ohio


Gage Skidmore

Kamala Harris


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris will visit Ohio on Friday, as she and former Vice President Joe Biden continue their push into a battleground state rich with electoral votes that Democrats once viewed as a long shot.

The California senator will make her stop in Cleveland, the Biden campaign planned to announce Wednesday. Harris has been participating in Senate confirmation hearings this week for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Republican President Donald Trump’s third nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Her visit follows a campaign swing by Biden through the state on Monday and an advertising push into some of Ohio’s traditionally Republican counties. Ohio has 18 electoral votes.

Aside from visiting for the presidential debate in Cleveland last month, Trump’s last appearances in Ohio were on Sept. 21, when he campaigned in Toledo and Dayton. Vice President Mike Pence stumped in Columbus on Monday.