Freshman seminar task force gets chairs

Carrie Blazina

Two deans, six members of Faculty Senate and four provost’s office nominees will soon work on a task force to implement President Lester Lefton’s plan to create a freshman seminar course to supplement First-Year Experience courses.

Provost Robert Frank said the co-chairs of the task force will be Linda Williams, the vice-chair of Faculty Senate and an associate philosophy professor, and Library Dean James Bracken. Timothy Moerland, dean of Arts and Sciences, will also serve on the task force, Frank said.

Frank said he hopes the task force can look to others’ models to determine how to create the seminar.

“We’re not the first university to do this … They can look at what five or six other universities do and pick and choose and put it together like a menu,” Frank said.

Frank said he has sent out letters formally asking the other nominees if they are interested in serving on the task force. He hopes the group will begin its work in the next two weeks, but is unsure when this would be implemented.

“[Finishing the task force in one semester] is still possible but it’s getting less likely,” Frank said. “What we’d like to have is at least a good conversation this semester that would then direct where the second phase would go … This is probably a couple-phase process at the end of the day.”

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