Give props to leaders on campus

Megan Wilkinson

Students have two more days to nominate their friends, classmates, student organizations and advisers for the 2012 Spring Leadership and Honors Awards.

Applications for the awards are due to the Center for Student Involvement at 5 p.m. Friday in Room 226 of the Student Center. Brenda McKenzie, associate director of the CSI, said the awards recognize students, advisers and groups that have made an impact on the community at Kent State.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony for both student leaders of the year and the inauguration of USG members April 17 in the Ballroom of the Student Center. Brittany Maurer, senior communication studies major, said students can submit multiple applications and self-nominate, if they want.

McKenzie said she encourages students to submit a nomination if they feel there is someone they know who should be recognized or honored for one of the award categories.

“The nomination requires a cover sheet—who you’re nominating, why you’re nominating and what for—and a letter of nomination,” McKenzie said. “I know there are a lot of outstanding students at Kent State who would deserve one of these awards, but we also need nominations to [award them].”

The three main awards are the following:

-Student Leader(s) of the Year: This can be awarded to nine students. The students must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.

-VP Award: Greg Jarvie, vice president of enrollment management and student affairs, chooses one of the student leaders of the year to receive this award.

-John B. Beacom Award: This is awarded annually through the Kent State AAUP to a student who has made a significant contribution to the maintenance rights and civil liberties of students at Kent State.

McKenzie said the nominating pool is low right now, but she said she estimates a lot will come in Friday.

“We usually get a big influx of nominations the day they’re due,” she said. “It’s procrastination at its best.”

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