TV2: More international students choose Kent State for college

Doug Rogers

KentWired Video

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Attending college didn’t look promising for one Chinese native.

Jian He tried to pass the country’s university entrance exam twice – without success. Instead, he looked elsewhere for the opportunity.

“My parents decided they can’t support me,” He said, “So, they just wanted me to go out, find a better school and get started again.”

Students like He contribute to rising international enrollment at Kent State.

Just over 1,900 international students attend. That’s an increase of 500 from one year ago.

Kent State’s international students come from 95 countries, and Chinese students account for nearly 800 people. The school’s Saudi Arabian and Indian students make up the second and third largest groups.

However, having a degree in China allows people to find better jobs. He said even a bachelor’s degree doesn’t get you far.

“In other words, if you don’t have any degrees,” He said. “It’s going to be very hard to find a job.”

Needing a degree, He came to the United States. He chose Kent State because the university has a recruiting office in Beijing, and the staff there explained which degrees the Chinese government recognizes.

Studying in the United States costs much more money than China. He relies on his family to support him financially.

“I feel like I owe them,” He said. “It’s not my money. They spend a lot of time to make that amount of money. I just use it very easily over here.”

He says that’s the reason why international students take studying seriously.

After He graduates in December, he plans to find an internship in America, further his education or search for work in China’s growing aviation industry.

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