TV2: Craigslist scam affects local landlords: How to avoid becoming a victim

Kaitlynn LeBeau

KentWired Video

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Craigslist scammers are targeting local business owners.

Kent landlord Chris Smeiles suspects he may be another victim.

A potential renter who claims to be a future Kent State student currently living overseas offered to send him a check.

But a recent technique for fraud consumers is to send more than the necessary amount and ask to be reimbursed the difference later.

The big surprise comes when the check bounces.

In most cases, the scammer is long gone with the money before the check even makes it through the bank’s routing process and is detected as fake.

By then, it’s too late and near impossible to get the money back.

Craigslist offers tips on their website to avoid becoming a victim:

-Meet with customers in person.

-Avoid wiring funds through wire services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

-Never give out financial information (i.e. Bank account number, social security number or eBay/PayPal info.)

Without knowing who’s on the other side of the computer, taking the company’s advice by being cautious with transactions could prevent this from happening to you.

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