Opinion: It’s the small liberating moments that matter

Melissa Schwachenwald

Melissa Schwachenwald

Melissa Schwachenwald is a senior fine arts major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater.Contact her at [email protected]

As I dropped an unwanted class the other day, I had a small liberating moment and thought about the times I’ve had the feeling of freedom. 

The excitement in your stomach and immediate smile typically can occur after an act of liberation. These happenings may range from rebellious, mischievous, daring and lighthearted while providing all-around great vibes. 

From talking to people about experiencing liberation, we compiled a list of these instances: putting away unfolded clothes, pooping in public and knowing you will most likely never see those people again, back in the day when you would sneak out of the house and get away with it, bungee jumping, performing karaoke, rewarding yourself with chocolate, kissing someone you like, peeing in a body of water, realizing your college experience is worth it, calling off work for a spontaneous trip, telling off a manager and quitting, sneaking into a movie, dancing like a maniac in a crowded room, singing loudly in the car and shower, doing a good deed, getting a tattoo, going on a long run, walk, and bike ride, turning 21, rock climbing to the top, mooning people, skinny dipping, jumping off a cliff into water, exploring a city you’ve never been to, arriving on time, showing up late without anyone noticing, checking off something on a to-do list, farting in the wind with not a care in the world, not wearing undergarments, crowd surfing, pool hopping, passing a test, speeding by a cop without getting pulled over, riding a rollercoaster, trespassing, getting paid a large sum of money and doing something out of your budget.

A friend of mine found a crumpled $100 bill at the bar – one of her most liberating moments. Another friend shared a cross-country running story; apparently it’s common to pee while running because there would not be enough time to go to the bathroom. She was in the middle of a race and let loose.

In comparison, large liberating moments take more time, such as curing a disease, graduating, getting paid a lot of money regularly, having a baby, owning a home or business. These examples also include a lot more responsibility. Small liberating moments usually provide instant gratification and lasting happiness. I recommend making a list of liberating moments of your own and getting your liberation on. If you would like to, send in your experiences to my e-mail address.