Students’ favorite Super Bowl ads

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Celia Fernandez

Every year the Super Bowl features different commercials that are making their premiere for millions to see.

After surveying several students, there was a common consensus among the top five commercials that were played during the Super Bowl.

The number one commercial was M&Ms’ “It’s That Kind of Party.” This commercial featured a red M&M thinking it was a nude party so he rips off his shell in response to seeing a brown M&M at the same party.

“Everyone always forgets about the brown M&Ms and you never know they are there,” said Dani Taylor, freshman global communications major.

The number two commercial was the Pepsi “King’s Court” commercial featuring Elton John and “X-Factor” winner Melanie Amaro. The commercial was based on a singing contest against the King of Pop and in the end the winner won a can of Pepsi.

“It was funny and caught my attention because to me Melanie is an amazing singer, said Rebecca Campbell, sophomore public relations major. “It was the best of both worlds.”

The number three commercial was the H&M bodywear commercial. The commercial featured soccer star David Beckham debuting his new men’s underwear line for H&M.

“It’s David Beckham; he was practically naked and I feel a bond to him because I play soccer,” said Alyssa Jaskiel, freshman visual communication design major.

The number four commercial was “The Dog Strikes Back,” from Volkswagen. This commercial featured a dog trying to get fit in order to be able to chase down the Volkswagen car.

“It’s such a different aspect in using animals in a different way because he played [the] role of a human being,” said Rachel Volcheck, freshman visual communication design major.

Lastly, the number five commercial was Chrysler’s “Halftime in America.” The commercial featured famous actor/director Clint Eastwood shedding light on the issues that are going on in America and trying to get America to stand up.

“It’s very reflective of what’s going on in America and so unlike what a normal Super Bowl commercial would be like; it really moved me,” said Joe Charlton, freshman photo illustration major.

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