Our View: Viral YouTube videos are funny AND true

DKS Editors

Shit girls say. Shit single girls say. Shit black girls, Spanish girls, frat guys, whipped guys and shit no one says.

They’re the videos that went viral and immediately encouraged a lot of different people to make a plethora of similar, stereotypical videos.

And they’re hilarious.

Girls find themselves saying, “OMG! I say that allll the time!” or “This video was made for me, I swear.” Guys may find themselves saying, “I don’t say that. This is stupid,” and end up brooding in the corner while their girlfriends play the videos over and over and over and …

“Shit girls say” even has a Twitter account deemed to be quite the time consumer. It feeds comments and statements that girls really do say, one of which being, “Pretty sure I’ve said 90 percent of the things on this list.”

They stand as good ice breakers and time wasters (in the good way), and have clearly created a snowball effect.

The most captivating and chuckle-worthy of them all brings us close to home: “Shit Kent State students say.”

We’re not sure who that girl is or what provoked her to spend half the time cracking jokes about alcohol (it’s not like we’re the Ohio State University or Ohio University). But she is equally chuckle-worthy. Comments like “Hell yea I’m trying to get my picture taken at Water Street” and “No. We’re DOING karaoke.” Not to mention all the cracks at black squirrels and parking. “There’s never any parking!”

As much as we love watching that over and over again, we have a few of our own suggestions in case she wants to make another video:

“I have, like, $1,000 left on my meal plan. Buy what you want.”

“Wine tasting is a class?”

“I’m not going to class. It’s snowing.”

“I’m not going to class. He doesn’t take attendance, anyway.”

“Shit! I need to go feed the meter.”

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.