Our View: Valentine’s Day is the worst day, but not really

DKS Editors

Maybe you spent last night playing footsie [or whatever] with your significant other after a blissful dinner downtown and a late showing of “The Vow.” [We know you secretly loved it, guys.]

Or perhaps you spent it watching “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” listening to Slipknot and lighting things on fire.

Either way, after some discussion, it seems our editorial board was split on the highly controversial and sensitive issue of Valentine’s Day. Some think it’s sappy and weird. Others say it’s the perfect day to celebrate their relationships.

Here are a few of our varying opinions:

Why Valentine’s Day can go to hell:

It’s a holiday created by and for card and candy companies.

It’s too mushy and sentimental.

People shouldn’t need a day reserved for telling others how they feel. They should just do it.

Expectations are too high and are almost never met.

Finding the right gift is next to impossible.

It’s just one more thing we have to spend what little money we have on.

Why Valentine’s Day is heaven-sent:

People shouldn’t need a day to say how they feel, but it’s fun to have one anyway.

Planning and going on a special date can be just that: special.

You can celebrate with friends, family AND significant others.

It’s an excuse to stuff your face with chocolates, candy, etc.

Finding the right gift takes time and money, but it’s worth the reward of giving it.

The flowers smell nice, and the Starbucks cups are cute.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.