Auditions open for African Community Theatre production

Candice Dungan

‘Ain’t Nothing but a Thang’ auditions

Where: The African Community Theatre on the 2nd floor of Oscar Ritchie Hall

When: February 16- 17, 5 p.m.-7 p.m.

February 18, 12 p.m.- 2 p.m.

Come prepared with a three minute monologue.

The African Community Theatre is seeking actors for the controversial play, “Ain’t Nothing But a Thang.” The play depicts a dysfunctional family dealing with drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and ignorance.

“The language is brutal,” said Francis Dorsey, associate professor of Pan-African studies. “But we need to deal with the issue of AIDS.”

The script, written by Marlin E. Tazewell, was chosen by the Practicum in African Theatre Arts class.

“We wanted to pick something that would attract a college audience,” said Jessica Ransome, sophomore public health major and Practicum in African Theatre Arts student.

The class will assist with the overall production of the play. This includes building the set, publicizing the play and working behind the scenes during the production.

Cinnamon Small, graduate assistant for the department of Pan-African studies, explains that in the past Dorsey has always tried to cater to the university audience.

“He knows that we deal with multiple issues and this new play, ‘Ain’t Nothing But a Thang,’ is very in-tune with that,” Small said.

Although the African Community Theatre is producing the play, it is not limited to African Americans.

“In the African American community it is very relevant because it deals with AIDS, family drama and sibling rivalries, but it can be comparable to all races,” said Bryan Miller-Foster, freshman exploratory major and Practicum in African Theatre Arts student.

The play is also expected to attract community members.

“It will be a huge benefit to the African American community,” said Fannett Merrett, senior personal assistant for career services center and community member. “It will help us to self-reflect and open our eyes to things we may be sweeping under the rug.”

Dorsey explains the production will greatly benefit the actors who choose to participate in it.

“This show is an excellent opportunity for both the actors and actresses,” Dorsey said. “It is an excellent role to have in being able to display ones talent.”

Auditions are being held Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Dorsey is asking for both students and community members to audition and volunteer for the production.

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