Trumbull Campus sees highest enrollment yet

Katie Paukst

Following the release of official 15-day figures, many branch campuses are seeing a tremendous increase in enrollment.

Trumbull Campus saw the largest growth, with a 6.8 percent increase since the previous spring semester. This semester 3,255 students are enrolled at Trumbull Campus, while in the previous spring semester only 3,047 where enrolled.

According to Trumbull Campus’ website, the campus has now declared eight consecutive semesters of increased enrollment.

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Garcia said that for the past seven to 10 years, the state of Ohio has been advocating for high school students to take post-secondary courses while still in high school.

“In most cases, these college courses are free for students to take.  These are opportunities for high school students to earn college credit at little to no cost,” Garcia said. “Two-year campuses have been key players with this initiative.  A vital enrollment strategy is to get students to visit campus.  Most of these programs accomplish this goal.  It is a win-win for all stakeholders.”

Ritter also said Trumbull campus has been marketing to high school students and has seen a lot of promoting by those participating in post-secondary education classes.

Garcia and Ritter both agree that non-traditional students also play a key part in branch campus enrollment.

    “Recently, more non-traditional adult learners have returned to two-year colleges due to the lack of employment in their area,” Garcia said.

Ritter also said that there has been a surge in non-traditional students enrolling at Trumbull campus as well.

“Our most popular programs for non-traditional students are nursing, computer technology, business, psychology and criminal justice studies,” Ritter said. “When you combine our great faculty, whom 90 percent holds a masters or Ph.D, and our affordable programs, you have an excellent experience.”

Ritter said he expects to see a consistent increase in Trumbull’s enrollment in the coming years because of great faculty, expanding course selections and affordability.

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