Six closest presidential elections

Meghan Bogardus

It’s Presidents Day — the day that honors both the dead old guys and the leaders of this century. In celebration, we’re taking a look at six of the most entertaining elections the United States has ever had.

While it is rarely the case for elections to come down to as small a margin as one or two votes, there have been some close calls in our nation’s history.

Michael Ensley, assistant professor of political science at Kent State, believes conditions are ripe for another close election in 2012.

“Currently we’re in a time where support is evenly divided between the parties,” he said.

While Obama won “handedly” in 2008, Ensley said he believes the election will be much closer this time aruond. He cited the economic climate of the U.S. as a major influence on the election. Also, Ensley said Obama’s approval rating of just around 50 percent is very similar to Bush’s in 2004.

The 2012 campaign might be close, but it likely won’t be as neck and neck as these six elections.

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