Top 10 reasons to deactivate your Facebook

Caitlyn wants to be your friend.

Caitlyn wants to be your friend.

Justine Stump

In 2006, Facebook opened its digital gates to the masses. Ever since, we’ve all been glued to our screens. But, like all great things, it must eventually come to an end. With the onset of Google+, has the time come to jump ship and deactivate your account?

1. Facebook will not stop suggesting people you hated in high school to be your friend.

2. You want to delete all incriminating evidence.

3. Your mom is on Facebook, and she has more friends than you.

4. You haven’t kept up with the new privacy settings and have probably gained a stalker or two.

5. The drama.

6. You will no longer let Mark Zuckerberg control your life.

7. Your friends ‘links’ often lead to system-crashing computer viruses.

8. You have to keep changing your password because someone in South America keeps hacking into your account.

9. You know the intimate details of all your friends’ lives, but you can’t remember the last time you had an actual conversation with them.

10. You’re experiencing all the signs of an addict. It’s time to stop.

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