TV2: Older Kent apartments not worried about competition

Anthony Ezzo

KentWired Video

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Jamie Johnson has been living in Eagles Landing for two years, and although she admits it is an older apartment complex, it doesn’t bug her one bit.

“I, also, wouldn’t pay hundreds of dollars extra just to live in one of the new buildings and new carpet. So, I don’t think it’s worth the extra money,” Johnson said.

And Eagle’s Landing Leasing Manager Chris Miller isn’t worried one bit, since he thinks most students will have the same opinion as Jamie.

“I’m absolutely not worried at all,” Miller said. “The reason I’m not worried is because we go after a different demographic of students so to speak. The new complexes coming in, I’m not one hundred percent sure on their pricing, but I know it’s a little higher. They do it at a per bed rate. They’re roughly between five fifty or seven hundred dollars per bed or for one bedroom. Here, at Eagle’s Landing all of our two-bedroom apartments are seven fifteen a month, that includes everything except the electricity.”

Eagles Landing is sister apartment to Holly Park, which like Eagles Landing has no plans to do anything different than they normally do.

White Hall Terrace however will see some changes. The complex plans to convert this leasing office into a 24-hour workout facility and install washers and dryers into each apartment by this summer.

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