Our view: How long is too long?

DKS Editors

During the 2008-2009 academic year, Kent State students enjoyed a winter break that lasted roughly five weeks. This left plenty of time open for seasonal jobs, time for family and time to just sit around with nothing to do. A year later, the break was about four weeks long. Still plenty of time to make some money, while enjoying being home. This year, winter break is scheduled to take three weeks.

For those of you around during the 2008-2009 break, you may remember longing for the icy esplanade halfway through week three. There are only so many TV seasons to watch and books to read before you actually start to miss being at school.

For resident advisors, student media contributors, student theater performers and several other organizations, winter break is effectively two weeks long.

Where students used to have more than a whole month to enjoy the winter holiday season, they have three weeks. That’s not even taking into account those who have to return to campus a week early for various work responsibilities and obligations.

It has been said that a shorter winter break, in comparison to previous breaks, brings our school more in line with other Ohio universities in regards to scheduling. With a three-week break, students have more time during their spring semesters to search for summer jobs and internships.

Arguably, five weeks is simply too long. Students can get bored and restless waiting so long for classes to start back up.

It seems to us that Kent State’s winter break is reaching a sensible equilibrium between too long and too short. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get any smaller. Some of us need our seasonal jobs.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.