Kent State and Kent City arrests down this year from last

Graphic by Rachael Chillcott

Graphic by Rachael Chillcott

Cassandra Beck

KentWired Video

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Video courtesy of TV2.

Kent’s official Halloween celebration is one of Kent City Police and Kent State Police busiest nights.

Kent City Police prepared for anywhere around 20,000 people to be downtown on one of their busiest nights, but said fewer than that showed up.

For city 2011

  • There were 23 physical arrests
  • There were 13 summons and citations (which go in the books as arrests)
  • So 36 TOTAL arrests technically

Kent City police made 36 total arrests, which include physical arrests, summons and citations while campus police made 37.

Michquel Penn, Kent State Police Department community resources officer said they received 87 on-campus calls Saturday night. Of the 87 calls, 22 were alcohol related.

There were seven ambulance calls on-campus, five of the calls resulted in someone getting taken to the hospital either at their request or the emergency response team’s request.

Kent City Police said most of the arrests this year were due to fights, with one person being taken to the hospital. There were 11 disorderly conducts on-campus.

There were three fire alarms set off on campus Halloween night, twice for the same room leaving a hair straighter on, one triggered by a pull box.

There was only one criminal mischief reported on-campus this year.

“Everybody was just a little bit better behaved I guess,” said Rosemarie Mosher, Kent City Police dispatch coordinator. “We know people were drinking because we had fire rescue responding to calls of alcohol poisoning and things like that. But they pretty much behaved.”

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