KSU community give feedback for new provost

Megan Wilkinson

As Provost Robert Frank finishes his final year at Kent State, the provost selection committee invites Kent State faculty, staff and students to give feedback on the search for a new provost Tuesday at 4 p.m. and Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the Kiva.

“It’s going to be an open meeting for feedback on the search,” said Daniel Mahony, chair of the provost selection committee. “We want to know what members of the Kent community are looking for in a provost.”

Mahony said the committee already spoke with several groups on campus such as Undergraduate Student Government, faculty senate, the university vice president and the provost’s office for recommendations on the search. The meetings are efforts to get additional input from members of the Kent community on suggestions for candidates and what qualities to look for with the future provost.

“The meetings are just our attempt to make sure we don’t miss reaching out to any groups on this search,” Mahony said.


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Mahony said though the committee has had some suggestions for the new provost, he said all of the names brought up are confidential.

Kevin Papp, executive director of undergraduate student government, and Mikayla Farrell, senator for the College of Nursing with undergraduate student government, represent students on the committee.

Papp said student involvement in the search for a new provost gives undergraduates a voice to improve academics at the university.

“I felt it was important (for me) to take part in this search,” Papp said. “The provost is responsible for helping shape the direction for the academic culture for the university which ultimately impacts all students at Kent State.”

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