Campus organizations host event to end stereotyping

Amy Cooknick


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Students walking through Risman Plaza at 4 p.m. Thursday will have the chance to write down names they’ve been called and put them on a wall of stereotypes.

The event is called “Breaking Down the Wall” and is part of Sex Week, an annual series of programs put on by Kent Interhall Council. PRIDE! Kent and the Women’s Center partnered with KIC to host the wall event.

Kayla Perkins, director of student relations for KIC, said “Breaking Down the Wall” is a “homophobia and sexism awareness program” to teach students the consequences of stereotyping others.

Volunteers will ask students questions pertaining to LGBTQ issues, feminism issues and sexism issues. Students will have the opportunity to write their answers on a cardboard wall in the plaza.

“Pretty much so everyone walking by can see everything that’s going on around campus that you might not get to see any other way,” Perkins said.

At 6:30, Perkins said the wall will be moved to Cartwright Hall for the drag show. Students can read the wall and add to it while waiting in line for the show.

“After the drag show’s over, we’re going to be breaking down the wall,” Perkins said. “It’s sort of an enlightening experience.”

“I want students to realize that there are more people out there that might be thinking the same things that they’re thinking,” Perkins said. “I want people to realize that there are still stereotypes out there and on campus that need to be addressed.”

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