Senior outside hitter shows leadership in every game


Outside Hitter Maigan Larsen spikes the ball. Photo by Sam Verblecz.

Alexis Pfeifer


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The Kent State volleyball team faces inconsistency transferring from practice to matches. One factor remains consistent within these time frames; however, the “bulldog” shows up to every event with leadership in mind.

Senior outside hitter Maigan Larsen leads the team with 302 kills, 22 service aces and 347.5 points this season.

“She is going to ?ght you from the beginning with her serve until the last,” said Kent State coach Glen Conley. “We have called her the bulldog since she was a freshman. The reason we do that is because she latches onto you and never lets go.”

Larsen began playing volleyball in eighth grade. She faced constant pressure from her mother to do cross country and from her father to play golf. She fell in love with volleyball when her friends persuaded her to play on a club team.

Larsen graduated from her high school and came to Kent State with volleyball in mind. Kent State?s campus, gym, players and coaching staff stood out to her when she visited the campus. The team welcomed her.

“It just showed they believed in you,” said Larsen. “You knew you could come to a place you could excel.”

Larsen takes advantage of the team as a chance to excel at every practice. She builds her strength on and off the court, relying on her coach to give her tips to reach her maximum potential. The extra training builds up her energy on the court and her tolerance for pain.

Larsen, the team’s only returning senior, teaches the freshman and changes the culture of the team. Her attitude and work ethic helps her make a difference with her teammates.

“We throw her in there, and she gives us that spark of energy and that never-say-die attitude,” said Conley. “She puts the team ?rst and she works hard. She has an aggressive attitude and is a great teammate and a good leader.”

Volleyball requires mental and physical toughness, said Larsen. Players have to be leaders on and off the court no matter what age they may be.

Larsen believes the hardest part of any season is dealing with inconsistencies, an issue that affects players every day.

However, injuries also affect players every day.

“This is a great testament to Maigan,” said Conley. “Her knees are absolutely killing her, and she?s not touching as high as she used to last year and the year before. And yet, she?s hitting better, her kills are up, and her serve is better than it has ever been.”

This season proves to be no different considering Larsen?s injuries. Larsen has already beat her career match high kills and attack attempts this season. She hit 27 kills at SIU Edwardsville Invitational. She reached 70 attack attempts at the same invitational.

“When it comes down to it at the end of the day, good or bad, you just have to deal with it,” said Larsen. “It takes a lot of practice, but talking with your teammates and people you care about, you understand at the end of the day there are things you can control, and things you can?t control.”

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