Our View: Obama is not Hitler

DKS Editors

Hank Williams Jr. is not a fan of Republicans.

Apparently, he’s still a little peeved about that one time when House Speaker John Boehner played golf against President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. And on “Fox and Friends” Monday morning, he let loose.

“That would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu,” Williams said, referring to the Israeli prime minister. “Not hardly. In the shape this country is in?”

To say that Williams disagrees with President Obama is probably an understatement.

“They’re the enemy,” Williams continued. “Obama!”

To Williams, this golf game was “one of the biggest political mistakes ever.” While his statements were somewhat confusing, he was trying to make a point: Don’t compromise. Don’t even golf with them.

At one point during the awkward interview, Williams reflected on the fact that the country is more polarized than it has ever been. But people like Williams are the reason why this is the case. They’re also the reason that nothing gets accomplished in this Congress.

Whether you agree with him or not, Obama is the president, and Boehner is going to have to work with him on a personal level to help run the country. Sometimes that is inside the Oval Office, and sometimes that’s out on the greens.

It seems crazy to argue that both parties shouldn’t work together. What do you hope to accomplish by not communicating with the opposing party? In the end, government fails when politicians cannot work together, and our economy only becomes unstable.

If anything, politicians should be working more closely and make key compromises in order for the country to run smoothly. The fact that our politicians almost brought us to the brink of default only a few weeks back is just pitiful.

So Williams is wrong about a lot of things. It’s unfortunate that anyone needs to make a Hitler comparison to make their point. Such comparisons have no place in our national dialogue.

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