Haunted houses near Kent

Looking to indulge in some fear, fun and/or humiliation this weekend? Visit one of these nearby haunted attractions.

Most of these haunted houses offer discounted rates for large groups and higher priced “speed passes” to surpass lines. Attractions are open Thursdays through Saturday and Halloween Monday, except when noted otherwise. Browse the links below for more information.

Name: Factory of Terror

Location:Canton, about 45 minutes from Kent

Price:$23, discounts available, including $5 off Sundays with college ID

Hours:7-12 Fridays and Saturdays and 6-9 Sundays

Additional Info: Factory of Terror holds the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Walk-Through Horror House” at 3,796 feet long. There is an intermission point at 1,500 feet. It takes about 1 hour to complete and features four sections– Massacre on Mahoning, Industrial Nightmares, Portal to Insanity and Judgment Day 3D.

Link: factoryofterror.net

Name: Carnival of Horrors

Location: Cuyahoga Falls at Blossom Music Center, 30 minutes from Kent

Price:$19 for all attractions, $16 with coupon.

Hours: 7:30-12 on Fridays and Saturdays and 7:30-10 Sundays.

Additional Info:Contains four separate attractions– Insane Asylum Cage Maze, The Fun House, 3D Freakshow and The Wicked Woods. Takes “a few hours” to complete.

Link: carnivalofhorrors.com


Name:Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted Lab

Location:Akron, about 25 minutes from Kent

Price:$15 for one attraction and $28 for two, discounts available excepting Saturdays.

Hours: Open 7:30-12 on weekends and 7:30-10 on weeknights.

Additional Info: Check out the history and “legend” of the buildings on the website.

Link: hauntedlab.net

Name: Haunted Prison Experience at Mansfield Reformatory

Location: Mansfield, about an hour and a half from Kent


Hours:7-12 on Fridays and Saturdays, 7-10 Sundays and 7-11 Thursdays

Additional Info:Takes place inside the historical Mansfield Reformatory. Only people aged 13 and up will be admitted. Takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Link: hauntedx.com

Name: The Fear Experience

Location: North Olmstead, about 1 hour from Kent

Price:$13, with an extra $5 charge for the “Buried Alive” attraction

Hours:7-12 every Friday and Saturday

Additional Info:Contains two attractions– The Fear Experience and The Insane Asylum. Also features a unique Buried Alive attraction for an additional fee.

Link: thefearexperience.com

Name:7 Floors of Hell

Location:Middleburg Heights, about 50 minutes from Kent.

Price: $20 for 3 attractions, $23 for all 7. This venue only accepts cash. Coupons available at Marcos Pizza.

Hours:7-10 weeknights and 7-12 weekends.

Additional Info:Contains seven attractions– Jigsaw’s Revenge, Reaper’s Revenge, Blood Barn, House of Nightmares, Evilovisions, Camp Nightmare and Mausoleum. Takes about 2 hours to complete.

Link: 7floorsofhell.com


Name: Fortress of Fear Screampark

Location: Garrettsville, about 30 minutes from Kent


Hours:8-12 Fridays and Saturdays and 7-12 on October 30th

Additional Info:Features two attractions—Fortress of Fear and FEARanoia.

Link: fortressoffear.com