KentWired Trivia Results for Oct. 5, 2011

KentWired Staff

Here’s the answers to today’s KentWired trivia quiz.

Q:Where did the term “Rock and Roll” originate?

A:It was 1940’s slang for “sex.”

Q:What is the number one thing couples argue about?


Q:What do the initials M&M stand for?

A:They were named after Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie.

Forrest bought out his business partner and created the company known today as Mars, Inc.

Q:How much of their lives will the average person spend asleep?


Q:What are some of the oldest words in the English language?

A:‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘who.’

Q:Why is Mars red?

A:It’s covered in rust.

Q:How many times does the average college student change his or her major?


Q:How many hours a week do average college students spend partying?

A:3-5 hours.

Q:How many hours do they spend studying?

A:6-10 hours

Q:What material was the first condom made out of?