KentWired Trivia Results for Oct. 12, 2011

KentWired Staff

Here’s the answers to today’s KentWired trivia quiz.

Q:Whose heart beats faster? Women or men?


Q:What percentage of college students claim to be liberal?

A:Approximately 30%.


A:Approximately 20%.

Q:What majors are expected to be the most lucrative?

A:Computer Engineering, Economics, Mathematics.

Q:From which institution did Conan O’ Brien graduate?


Q:Which sex makes up the majority of Kent State University’s student body?

A:Females with 58%.

Q:What percentage of human beings are lactose intolerant?


Q:What is Tom, founder of Myspace, doing now?

A:Buying real estate in Las Vegas.

Q:Who owns Skype?


Q:Who took over The Office’s Dunder Mifflin after Micheal Scott (Steve Carell) left as branch manager?

A:Andy Bernard (Ed Helms).