Text Message Interpreter

Kelsey Misbrener


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toptweets: true,

behavior: ‘default’



Although text messages are rather short, there’s usually much more meaning behind that “lol” or “jk.” Here’s a text message interpreter to get rid of some of the confusion.

A) The post-joke “lol”

Girls: Hey, you’re kind of funny. I like what you saidthere.

Boys: Well…you tried.

B) The post-joke “hahaha”

Girls: That was hilarious and I want to kiss you.

Boys: You’re funny, let’s date.

C) The Smiley Face 🙂

Girls: You make me happy. I hope you send a smiley face right back at me. If you don’t I’m going to feel pretty stupid because I put myself out there with this smiley face.

Boys: I really, really like you. I don’t give smiley faces to just anyone. I hope you don’t think I’m a wimp because I sent you a smiley face, though.

D) The Sideways Bummed out Face :/

Girls: You really upset me, but I’m trying to be cool about it. I’ll send you this to mean I’m just a little bummed, but in reality I want to send a big fat sadface.

Boys: I’m a little bummed.

E) The Sadface 🙁

Girls: I don’t even care about holding back at this point. I’m sad and I want you to know it and you better do something about it.

Boys: I’m pretty pissed.

F) The Heyy with two y’s

Girls: I want to be a little flirty but not too much. I’m excited that you texted me.

Boys: It’s on.

G) The “Ha”

Girls: I want to punch you in the nuts. I’m playing it super cool with just a sarcastically bitchy Ha, but you better KNOW I’m not happy.

Boys: That was funny.

H) The “K”

Girls: Batten down the hatches. All hell is about to break loose.

Boys: OK

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