KIC to host drag show Thursday


EDDIE OLSCHANSKY 750 students came out to Cartwright Hall to watch local drag queens perform for Kent State’s “Candy & Sex” themed Sex Week. Sex Week comes to a close with Sextober fest tonight at 7 p.m. in the Ballroom. Photo by EDDIE OLSCHANSKY.

Amy Cooknick


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Kent Interhall Council will present their annual drag show at 8 p.m. Thursday in Cartwright Hall.

Danielle Melidona, vice president of KIC, said the drag show the most popular of the group’s Sex Week events each year.

“We completely fill Cartwright every time,” Melidona said. “People really enjoy it and it’s something they look forward to every year.”

Drag queens Danyel Vasquez, Brionna Brooks, Erica Martinez, and Jessica Love will provide entertainment for the event. Melidona said the performers are all professional, independent acts hired by KIC.

“We contact them,” she said. “A lot of students have asked if they could be a part of it and usually we say no because we already have people whom we have contracts with that are professionals and do this as a living.”

Melidona said there will be a dance-off during intermission between audience volunteers and the drag queens on stage.

“It’s going to be really fun,” Melidonna said. “It’s Vegas-themed, just like everything else for the week.”

Seating for the event is limited, so students should plan to arrive early.

“It’s priority for residence hall students,” Melidona said. “Then if there are extra seats left over, we’ll open it up to off-campus students. It does fill up quickly so you will probably want to get there early if you really want to see the show.”

Admission is free, but students who would like priority seating should bring their room keys.

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