Awesome Halloween movies

Audrey Fletcher


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For those who wish to spend one night of their Halloween weekend in, there are several movies that can provide Halloween fun or horror. The following list includes newer and classic films, all worthy of being watched on Halloween.

Fun Halloween Movies

1. “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

Celebrate the holiday with the Peanuts Gang, as they have been celebrating since this special was released in 1966.

2. “Casper”

Kat’s encounter with the Friendly Ghost when her father and she move into a haunted mansion cannot be forgotten during this time of year.

3. “Halloweentown” series

This series of four films that originated on the Disney Channel takes viewers to Halloweentown, where fantasy creatures have moved to escape the persecution of the world.

4. “Hocus Pocus”

Three resurrected witches return to Salem, Massachusetts after 300 years, begin causing problems, and must be stopped by an immortal cat, which obviously leads to several comedic instances.

5. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Although this film includes Christmas as well as Halloween, Jack Skellington, the king of Halloweentown, is a favorite among many in late October.

Scary Halloween Movies

1. “Halloween”

Michael Myers haunts the town of Haddonfield, Ill.,in this Halloween classic. The sequels and remakes of this film can also cause horror for viewers.

2. “The Exorcist”

When a young girl is possessed, her mother calls in two priests to exorcise her in this 1973 horror film.

3. “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Freddy Krueger, who was murdered as a child, haunts the children of those who brought him to his death. There is also a remake of this film, made in 2010.

4. Saw series

This horror franchise made up of seven films began in 2004 and has scared audiences through the last film’s release in 2010.

5. Paranormal Activity series

These three films frighten viewers by showing strange occurrences through the lens of a home video camera. The third movie is currently in theaters.


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