“Embrace” the new KSU Library logo

The University Library now has a new brand image. Photo courtesy of the University Library.

The University Library now has a new brand image. Photo courtesy of the University Library.

Nathan Christofaris

The KSU Library underwent a logo facelift in order to develop a brand image.

The library underwent many changes this year: a new math emporium, a renovated “fab fourth” floor and the implementation of being open 24 hours a day, five days a week, all of which are notable. The next task for the library was to create a logo and brand for the library.

Diane Sperko, library marketing and communications director, said a logo is one way the library is adapting to the 21st century.

“We want to be a resource that continues to adapt,” Sperko said. “When Dean Bracken came on board, the charge the president gave him was to go out and get people into the building. Rebranding was part of his goal to give us a consistent message across the board.”

The new logo incorporates the word “embrace” along with an abstract star, made up of entwined arms.

Embrace is part of the library’s goal, Sperko said.

“We want to reach out to students, staff, faculty and the community,” Sperko said.

“We want to get donors to come in to see what we’re up to. We’re not just limited to the academic environment.”

The library hired the Hudson-based PR firm, AKHIA, to assist in the creation of the logo and brand image. Sperko said that it made sense economically to work with them because they have more experience and a staff of 29 people, five of which helped with the logo and branding.

James Bracken, dean of the library, said that branding is critical to the library’s image, how most logos are for other companies.

“It’s very important for the library to have a memorable brand,” Bracken said. “If the library had a brand like Google or Coca-Cola, my problems would be solved.”

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