Opinion: She’s gone, baby gone

Kyle Lindemann

Here are things you can do to lessen her chances of disappearing. Avoid getting all up in her personal space too soon. She may not want to hold hands, hug or be touchy-feely with you right away. You can give her a playful hug or put your hand on her arm to see how she reacts, but if she doesn’t respond warmly, play it cool for a while. Let her get comfortable. And please, for whatever reason, don’t let her catch you peeking. She might have cleavage that rivals the Swiss Alps, but try to keep your eyes away. Keeping her Creeper Radar at a low level is a must in the beginning. I doubt women want to be thought of as a piece of meat. While most of us guys think about sex 90 percent of the time anyway, don’t make it obvious.

Another reason she vanishes: She might be bored with you. Are your aspirations for life low? She may think that you’re one of those guys who simply “just won’t get it,” so she’d rather just disappear than have to break the conversation down for you Barney-style. Does she think you have a bad temper? If she thinks that you might blow your stack worse than a contestant on MTV’s “Boiling Point” upon hearing that she’s done with you, she’s definitely getting the hell outta there.

We live in an indirect society. We spend hours texting people what would take only minutes on the phone. We wish people “happy birthday” on their Facebook wall instead of sending a card. We Skype instead of meeting in person. Shame on us for thinking that directness still exists for dating too.