Gay Rights Revolutionaries ask drivers to “honk for love”

Amy Cooknick

Members of Gay Rights Revolutionaries braved wind and rain Wednesday evening at Summit and East Main streets in order to spread the message of love and acceptance to rush-hour drivers.

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Jamie Mileti, GRR president, said the “Honk for Love” campaign was in celebration of National Coming Out Day Oct. 11.

Despite the unruly weather, the Revolutionaries were all smiling as they held posters urging drivers to love their LGBTQ neighbors as well as themselves by honking their horns.

“People definitely seem to be responding to the activism we’re trying to promote,” Mileti said. “It’s raining and it’s cold and our members are still out here. We’ve had to switch signs because they bleed, but we’re out here anyway. We’re like the post office.”

Jonathan Kissel, freshman geography major, said he participated in the event to show people there is nothing wrong with being gay.

“We’re just trying to show people that even though a simple honk may not do much, it makes you aware that people are there,” Kissel said. “For all the gay people out there, it does get better. But the only way to make it better is if you make it better within yourself.”

Mileti said she wants college students to know they can create change.

“We’re just promoting the idea that love is love and marriage is marriage and it shouldn’t matter who you are,” Mileti said. “If everybody would do something like this for whatever cause, a lot of things would change.”

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