Q and A with Bruce Jenner

Courtney Kerrigan

Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner found solace in sports at a young age. He overcame struggles with dyslexia by finding hope and success in a simple gym class. Since his Olympic win, Jenner has been traveling around the country giving motivational speeches about going after what you want. While his speech Tuesday night was a raw and honest look into Jenner’s life, I was able to catch up with him after to discuss his marriage to the Kardashian clan. And the proud father of 10 kids was more than willing to dish on Kim’s August wedding, intrusive filming and his wardrobe, courtesy of Scott Disick himself.

Q: Did Scott dress you today?

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A: Actually this is a Scott Disick suit. He gave me this. He thought it was gonna be pretty cool so he had his tailor make me an outfit.

Q: Do you really feel important, or do you feel like a regular Joe?

A: I’m a regular Joe. I’ve been dealing with the fame thing for a long time. The girls, they deal with it so well. Like with Kimberly, in public, I don’t even want to be around her. She’s great because she takes everyone [away] and I can do my own thing.

Q: How do you think your life has changed since the TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians?”

A: My life has not changed, me personally, drastically. I’ve been n the public eye for a long time but what has changed is the audience. Back in ’76 when you go out and accomplish the games and take on the whole world and win, it’s not like I changed. I was still the same old person with the same old hang-ups. I was very proud of what I accomplished but everyone around you starts changing. They look at you differently. It’s the same thing now with the show and the success of the show, I don’t think I’ve changed and honestly don’t think my girls have changed that much. When we get around each other we’re the same old family where everybody’s got the same old stuff.

Q: How intrusive is the filming?

A: They usually schedule three to four months to do a season, and that would be like 12 shows. We do that twice a year, so once we start shooting we’re kind of on call. Everybody tries their best to be in town. Once it’s over with, everyone, like, scatters. But right now they’re filming Kourtney and Kim in New York.

How was the wedding?

Over the top, elegant, exactly the way my girls like it. A lot of drama. I told [Kim], the two most stressful things in life you’re gonna do are 1. have a wedding and 2. birth a child. Those are the two most stressful things women are gonna go through in their lives.

Q: Do you watch the shows when they air?

A: No. The good news is my wife records everything so I can watch it. A lot of them, we have first right refusal to anything that goes on the air so we all see the shows. The girls, Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloe and my wife, all see the shows before they go on the air for any editorial stuff they want to change or the way they want the show to look. I figure I got enough people looking out for me that I don’t need to see the shows.

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