Opinion: Don’t try to fix us

Kyle Lindemann

I’m not saying that women should lower their standards, but it seems like every woman I get involved with always wants to change me, and us men-we are not projects that you can fix. Most of us like our friends, our hobbies, our hair, our car and our style.

Don’t focus on trying to sand off our rough edges. I can understand wanting to bring out the best in us, but like us for who we are. Trying to fix us just drives us crazy, and even if you have good intentions, down the road you will lose a little respect for us if we allow you to control us.

I’ve seen too many people get into relationships and completely forget about everyone else in their lives. All of a sudden your best friend is no longer going out and is rarely seen or heard from.

I have a friend who is married and isn’t allowed out past 10 p.m. He has to be home and in bed with his wife whenever she wants to go to bed. It’s pathetic.

Some quick advice for all the guys out there: If you don’t put your foot down about what’s important to you, you will slowly lose your freedoms. Relationships are all about balance. If you give her a hard time about going out with her girlfriends or about meeting up with a guy friend for coffee, rest assured you will be getting a hard time about watching football or going golfing with your buddies. Let her do what she wants so you can do what you want; it’s only fair.