Hagfish Day and more bizarre October observances

MCT Campus.

Who needs Halloween when you can celebrate Pizza Month every day of October? Here are some holidays and awareness events in October of which you may or may not be aware. Check out the links for more information.

LGBT History Month: http://lgbthistorymonth.com

Co-Op Month: Fortunately, Kent students can celebrate Co-Op month by purchasing some delicious (or not-so-delicious, depending on the person you ask) health food at Kent Natural Foods Co-Op downtown!

Co-Op Month Site: http://www.coopmonth.coop/node/3

Kent Natural Foods Site: www.kentnaturalfoods.org

Pizza Month: http://31daysofpizza.com

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: http://www.nbcam.org/about_nbcam.cfm

Squirrel Awareness Month: As if Kent students need to be more aware of squirrels, the Squirrel Lovers Club wants you to respect their furry friends. Be sure to wear your Squirrel attire this month and hug a few of the grey squirrels because they’re probably pretty lonely here in Kent. http://thesquirrelloversclub.com/history.php

YWCA Week Without Violence (16-23): Check out YWCA’s great website for their End to Violence campaign. It’s interactive and informative! /www.ywcaendtoviolence.org

National Magic Week (25-31): http://www.magicsam.com/

Free Speech Week (17-23): Celebrate the fact you can read this article right now by participating in Free Speech Week! http://www.freespeechweek.org/

International Top Spinning Day (12): www.topmuseum.org/20.html

English Language Day (13): http://www.englishproject.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=123

National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day (14): http://afvdayodyssey.org/

National Grouch Day (15): Go ahead, show off your holiday spirit and sleep in a trashcan!


National Feral Cat Day (16): http://nationalferalcatday.org

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17): www.hrea.org/index.php?doc_id=903

National Chocolate Cupcake Day (18): Let’s be honest. Any day that is cupcake day is the best day ever. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/9123257/ns/today-food/t/celebrate-sweet-holiday-yummy-treat/

Hagfish Day (19): The tagline for this wonderful day is “celebrate the beauty of ugly!’ Enough said. www.whaletimes.org/HagfishDay.htm

What’s your favorite October festivity? Leave a comment and let us know!