BUS reintroduces Pan-African studies at Kent State

Amy Cooknick

Note: The date was scheduled for Oct. 25, but is now scheduled for Nov. 10

Black United Students and the Department of Pan-African studies are joining together in the Kent Student Center Governance Chambers Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. to introduce students to Pan-African studies.

Avery Danage, president of BUS, said the program “Real Talk” will be a Q-and-A session for students, moderated by BUS.

“Traditionally, BUS has done this every year,” Danage said. “When you go through the Kupita program, you get a little bit about Pan-African studies, but it’s a way for us to reintroduce Pan-African studies since BUS created Pan-African studies.”


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A panel of six professors from the department will answer student questions about African culture, current issues within the AALANA community, careers in Pan-African studies and what it means to be black at Kent State, Danage said. The professors all come from different backgrounds and subject areas within Pan-African studies in order to give students a variety of perspectives.

The event is free to students, faculty, staff and Kent residents and will follow the regular BUS mass meeting.

“The overarching goal is just for folks to leave with a new perspective on Pan-African studies and their mission at Kent State,” Danage said. “You have your mind opened up to things that you maybe wouldn’t have learned about or necessarily wanted to know about.”

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