Opinion: College football geography fail

Jody Michael

All four incoming MWC additions are currently in the Western Athletic Conference, which responded by inviting Texas-San Antonio and Texas State. I’d argue they technically aren’t “western,” but neither is current member Louisiana Tech.

Big 12 and Big East schools feared for the future of their shrinking conferences. Syracuse and Pittsburgh bailed from the Big East to join the Atlantic Coast Conference, though both are more than 200 miles from the Atlantic coast.

Texas A&M chose to abandon the Big 12 (Big Nine?) for the Southeastern Conference, which is ironic because A&M once spent 80 years in the Southwest Conference. Pick a side!

The Big 12 found a new 10th school in Texas Christian University, which left the Big East before it even joined. But now the Big East will be down to six schools, so it plans to invite Central Florida and Navy, which makes sense. Too bad it’s also inviting Air Force (located in Colorado) and Boise State (uh, Idaho?).

Then, since the Big 12 might steal schools from Conference USA, the MWC and C-USA merged to form an enormous 22-team conference, because, at this point, why not?

The good news: Kent State has avoided all of this mess. The bad news: our football team still sucks.