Our View: Dos and don’ts for Halloween in Kent

DKS Editors


  • Be creative. We’ve seen thousands of pirates and witches, but getting four of your buddies to dress up as the Village People with you is bound to snag you substantial props. The extra effort is worth the looks on the faces of dozens of complete strangers. And no, it is not too soon to dress as Steve Jobs. It’s never too soon when Halloween is concerned.
  • Be classy. “Lingerie” and “costume” are not interchangeable terms. If it involves fishnets, maybe you should consider keeping it in the bedroom and off the streets.
  • Wear comfortable footwear. Chances are you’ll be walking around downtown for hours on end. Unless you have a DD or you want your shoes to fill with blood, comfy shoes are recommended over high-heels.
  • Respect the cops. As some Occupy Wall Street protesters recently found out, messing with the police does not pay off. During Halloween, police and fire department officials patrol the streets and try to keep the peace. They are not there to keep you from enjoying yourself.
  • Enjoy the sights. Arguably the best part of Halloween in Kent is the people-watching. Cruise the streets and admire the costumes. Unless, of course, you’re old enough to get into the bars.
  • Take some candy with you. One fun activity you could try is tossing treats to passerby with impressive costumes. Just keep your throws underhand and leave the jawbreakers at home.


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  • Set anything on fire. Pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Leave a drink unattended. If at a bar or house party, it’s never a great idea to walk away from your beverage without someone you trust to watch it. Even then, it’s probably best if your drink doesn’t leave your hand. Date-rape is a serious concern and you can’t be too careful on Halloween.
  • Wear stilettos. You might look cute, but your feet won’t in the morning.
  • Pick a fight with anyone dressed as Batman. You never know, they could actually be Batman.
  • Wear too much makeup. Not only will it be all over you by the end of the night but most likely all over whoever you decide to hook up with, too.
  • Urinate anywhere other than a toilet. No one wants your pee in their sink, and we don’t think you’d like to spend your night in a holding cell for peeing in public.
  • Try to convince a cop you’re not drunk. They know you are.
  • Smash every pumpkin you see. Chances are someone worked pretty hard on that.
  • Try to ride one of the cops’ horses just because you’re dressed like one.
  • Wear little-to-no clothing. It’s supposed to snow on Saturday, and even the alcohol won’t help you that much.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.