All Rec departments are hiring

Hannah Hamner

  • Where: Front lobby of the Rec
  • When: Friday from 5 to 8 p.m.
  • Bring your resume and dress professionally.

Students looking for an on-campus job should print their resume and head to the Recreation and Wellness Center Friday afternoon.

Unlike in years past, employers from all departments of the Wellness Center will be represented, including the Ice Arena, Aquatics Department and Guest Services, said Mindy Papania, head of the Aquatics Department.

“This is a great learning experience for the students,” Papania said. “They can see how the interviewing process works, which will prepare them for similar situations in the future.”

This is a beneficial procedure, even for students who aren’t hired, said Papania.

Maggie McKendry, member and guest services coordinator said her department used to collect resumes from students.

“We don’t take any now,” McKendry said. “We believe it’s better to see the faces of our potential employees. It says a lot more than a piece of paper.”

Each department is looking for different qualities in the students they hire, but there are some characteristics all applicants should have.

McKendry said, “Every department needs employees who are customer-service oriented, outgoing, and can operate in a university setting.”

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