Kent State College Democrats welcome State Representative Clyde


State Representative of the 68th House District Kathleen Clyde spoke to Kent State College Democrats Thursday, September 22. Photo by Elyse Claassen.

Alicia Balog

The College Democrats welcomed Kathleen Clyde, state representative for Portage County, at their meeting Thursday night.

Clyde, who represents the 68th House District in the Ohio House of Representatives, discussed many issues with the students, including last week’s redistricting, Senate Bill 5 and other issues.

She discussed the repercussions of the redistricting and how the party in power, the Republicans, redrew the map to favor their own interests. Ohio now has only 16 districts instead of 18.

“It’s a very unfair map,” Clyde said. “It splits counties 66 times, so counties are carved up into different districts that many times.”

Clyde also explained her stance on Senate Bill 5, the anti-collective bargaining legislation, which was passed in the spring and will be on the ballot Nov. 8. She said she is voting “no” on the issue because it takes away the rights of public employees.

“It is an attack on fairness in the workplace, an attack on middle-class Ohioans, middle-class families who have been working harder and harder on less and less,” Clyde said.

College Democrats President Bryan Staul said he appreciated hearing from Clyde.

“I think we’re really lucky because she is a voice for young people. She understands us,” Staul said. “She’s always been kind to the group, always been accessible for any Kent State student. I always see her on campus. Whether it’s through student government or us or through another initiative, she’s very accessible. We really feel like she has our interests at heart as young people.”

Before she left, Clyde thanked the College Democrats for all the work the students do to help her and the party, saying she would really love to have an army of students out there with her.

“I know it’s a little bit tough in Ohio right now,” Clyde said. “But we are the future of this party.”

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