Star spotlight

Lyndsey Schley

Singer Beyonce Knowles celebrated her 30th birthday on Sept 4. One week prior, she announced her pregnancy on the VMAs while sporting a bulging bump. However, Media Take Out is reporting that she used to prosthetic to exaggerate her reveal, due to other pictures taken since. Her publicist has no commented at this time on the matter.

Activist Chaz Bono raised controversy by becoming the first transgendered “Dancing with the Stars” participant. On Good Morning America, Bono said“All these ideas that children shouldn’t watch me, I’m going to be confusing, all this stuff, it’s crazy,” in response to the controversy. Born Chastity, he is the only child of both Sunny and Cher Bono.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has chosen comedian Eddie Murphy to host the 2012 Academy Awards, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Last year’s hosts, actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway, were brought in to cater to the younger generation, but were generally panned by critics.

Rapper T.I. was taken back to prison due to his choice of transportation to his half-way house, according to TMZ. T.I. chose a tour bus, as opposed to a more low key form of transport. Law enforcement sources told TMZ “when a prisoner is incarcerated in a low or medium security prison … prison officials can allow the inmate to use a private, unescorted mode of transportation to travel from the prison facility to the halfway house.”

Rapper Soulja Boy’s new album “Respect My Hustle” will not be stocked in the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, according to TMZ. The album is being boycotted by some military due to the lyrics “F**k the FBI and the army troops.” Soulja Boy has since apologized for his lyrics.

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