No brand name used for university hotel

The Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center will not be associated with a well-known hotel chain.

The decision to go without a brand name was ultimately made by the University Foundation Leadership with the help of a consultant, said Dan Smith, Kent economic development director.

“The discussion was along the lines of ‘is this really a unique hotel, or one that should be franchised?’ And (the University Foundation) felt that the Kent State Hotel and Conference Center brand would carry the day,” Smith said.

The hotel will be independent, and if the university uses it’s own brand name, it won’t have to pay franchise fees.

“If for whatever reason that brand name does not carry the day, they could always re-brand it at a later date with a hotel chain,” Smith said.

The hotel and conference center will house approximately 100 rooms, which the university is hoping to price low near $100 a night, said Lester Lefton to DKS in an editorial meeting Sept. 6.

Parking for the hotel is anticipated to accommodate parking through the PARTA transit center across the street, along Erie Street between South DePeyster Street and Haymaker Parkway.

According a article, the transit center will add close to 400 public parking spaces and 10 bus transfer bays.

A groundbreaking event for the hotel is set for Monday, Sept. 19, and goals are set to have the hotel open in late 2012.

Caitlin Restelli is a city reporter.